Domestic IP VPN

Domestic IP VPN

Domestic IP VPN

With the rapid growth of the Internet, the application developing based on IP network has been increasing; however, in the process of traditional IP packet transfer, each panel point equipment must be repeatedly checked with each packet header and parse the next path until reaching to the destination. Consequently, when the network get larger, the transmission efficacy gets worse and not able to satisfy the requirement of high-speed and large amount Internet transmission in the future. MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching) technology can exactly satisfy future requirement, and it is the best choice that is compatible with current Internet technology.

MPLS (Multi-Protocol Label Switching) belongs to the new structure of the network technology. It is the exchange standard of new-generation structure of IP high-speed Internet. Proposed by IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force), MPLS is dominated by big Internet equipment manufacturers, such as Cisco and Juniper. Giving each IP packet a new label, which determines the path and the priority of the package, performs MPLS. The MPLS compatible routers will read the label before pushing the pack to the path without reading the IP address and header of each packet, so that the speed of the Internet can be accelerated a lot, then the network service quality will be dramatically improved for providing a wider range of services.

FET Enterprise Virtual Private Network has adopted the most advanced MPLS Protocol, which integrates the layer 3 IP routing and the layer 2 label exchange, so that the routing problem can be solved, and the delay time will be shortened to accelerate the speed of data transmission. On the other hand, FET IP VPN has created VPN environment on IP network that provide equal security as the layer 2 network (FR/ ATM) to fully develop enterprise exclusive network security as well as increase the efficiency and stability of data transmission and solve the cost reduction problem of point-to-point network connection. It's the best choice for enterprises to create a VPN network.

Service Privilege

The backup router of the Roundabout Optical Fiber Framework and several fixed networks.
Professional 24-hour Network Operation Center (NOC) that ensures network and service quality.
Provide the SLA (Service-Level Agreement) mechanism to meet the enterprise requirements of network service quality.
Provide clients with exclusive network management interface to master the data of traffic flow, the record of disconnection and the rate of package loss at any time.
Integrate multiple value-added Internet application (Voice, Video, Fax, ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), ISP (Internet Service Provider and etc. )
The network service of IP Base features a high degree of elasticity and in line with the trendy development.
With years of ISP operation experiences, the service provides comprehensive network planning and service.
Bi-directional transmission and exclusive bandwidth.

Application Types

TEnterprises that place great emphasis on data transmission security and confidentiality.
Enterprises that have multiple sites for internal point to point data transmission.
Systems of franchised chains that establish enterprise exclusive virtual private network Users that have requirements of connecting to up and down stream suppliers or cross-enterprise connection.
Enterprises that have requirements of both intranet and internet data transmission.
Enterprises that have requirements of both voice integration and data transmission.

Service Privilege

FET Domestic IP VPN can integrate the advantages of IP and ATM network environments to provide the value-added services as follows:

Audio Integration: VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol)
Video Transmission: Video Conference
System Integration: Client Management, ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
Customer Service Center Platform (IP Call Center)
Multi-media Transmission: Distance Learning (E-Learning)

Hardware Requirement

The equipment needed to implement FET Enterprise Virtual Network is very simple, the common structure is taken as the description:

Telecommunication Equipment :
The cost of telecommunication equipment such as digital modems and optical fiber converters are included in the telecommunication company's one-time circuit fee and monthly rent. In other areas, the circuit and the telecommunication equipment are sold separately, so the clients need to pay extra circuit establishment fee and the payment of purchasing telecommunication equipment.
Routers :
It's suggested to use the routing equipment that supports synchronous transmission mode and PPP (Point-to-Point Protocol)
Audio Requirement :
Voice Gateway Devices
Video Conference Requirement :
Video Conferencing equipment


Application Flow

FET Domestic IP VPN can integrate the advantages of IP and ATM network environments to provide the value-added services as follows :


Clients propose their requests.


The sales representative will contact the clients for explaining product features


Review and Application Operation


Clients pay for the fee of Fixed Network of Telecommunication


Complete routing establishment


MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching) VPN (Virtual Private Network) Service Complete the test of connection after routing establishment


Start using MPLS VPN service and the bill and the client maintenance operation will be initiated.

4G Service

With the ever-changing environment, enterprise application demands for high-speed mobile networks are increasing everyday in hopes of elevating business performance. For this purpose, FET specifically released an uninterrupted network, “IP VPN- 4G Redundant service”, and a mobile and extendable enterprise business location, “MPLS VPN - 4G Primary service”, to suit enterprise business goals. FET hopes that these services can assist enterprises gain an advantage in IT applications over rivals. In addition to the basic demands of network security and uninterrupted operations, FET can also assist enterprises to expand new business opportunities.

Advatages of 4G Service

Ensure mobile connection quality
Fully heterogeneous backup
Mobile VPN service
Highly secure data transfer
Acquire real-time information and data processing
Complete database of coverage information provided to clients before applying for the 4G service
Fully heterogeneous backup service build from 4G technology to prevent operations interruption due to enterprise main line disconnection, satisfying the client goal of uninterrupted operations.
Extend client business location, satisfying the client goals of foreign sales and increased revenue
Data transfer is different from internet transfer. Data transfer is encrypted with IP Sec to ensure the security of client data transfer
Rapid integration of enterprise client end information system (i.e.: POS, ERP, CRM, etc), satisfying the client’s real-time integration process demands and ensuring raw material conditions and client messages


Suitable for / Application Scenario

Distribution service industries :
Applications for mobile shops and sales.
Logistics and transportation industries :
Applications for real-time data transfer, cargo information real-time response.
Manufacturing and general industries :
Applications for MIS and mobile office demands. VPN heterogeneous backup available.

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