Enterprise FTTx

Enterprise FTTx

Enterprise FTTx

Enterprise FTTx is in two specifications, On-Net and Off-Net. Off-Net based on Chunghwa Optical Era Circuit uses optical fiber loop to connect light junction boxes, communities, buildings and etc.; with using various kinds of optical network equipment to match Ethernet or VDSL (very-high-bit-rate digital subscriber line) technology, clients will be provided with data transmission services with low-interference, high stability and large bandwidth expansion flexibility through high-speed broadband circuit.

For the buildings and communities facilitated with Sparq optical fibers will be provided with On-Net Internet Connection Service through the Sparq Network.

Service Contents

The number of IP Used
DNS Management / Reverse
MRTG (Multi Router Traffic Grapher) Chart
Remarks and Description
Off-Net On-Net
Fixed 3 IPs: The usable number of IPs is 3.
Fixed 8 IPs: The usable number of IPs is 8.
Fixed 16 IPs: The usable number of IPs is 16.
Fixed 4 IPs: The usable number of IPs is 4.
Fixed 8 IPs: The usable number of IPs is 8.
Fixed 16 IPs: The usable number of IPs is 16.
  • Whether it's possible to install CHT Off-Net or Sparq On-Net network depends on the real networking situation.
  • 60M/20M, 100M/40M, 100M/100M and 300M/100M are not available in the Hualien and Taitung areas.
  • The speed of FET Big Broadband ADSL and fiber-optic Internet service abides by the technical regulatory
    guidelines defined by ITU-T (Telecommunication Standardization Sector of the International
    Telecommunications Union) instead of the actual or guaranteed speed of data transmission.
    Each service speed refers to the availability of the highest theoretical value of line rate.
    The actual data rate for users to transmit data will be varied by the software and hardware of
    terminal equipment, distance, the environment of the user's location, and the Mbps provided by
    the website visited; meanwhile, the factors of simultaneously using video or audio value-added
    services will cause variation in speed. Consequently, the Internet service provided is classified as
    the "Best Effort" mode according to the international standard of Internet quality.
  • DNS Management/Reverse service can be inquired by linking http://eservice.seed.net.tw for inquiry form of
    application or call the enterprise customer service hotline 4499-365.
  • To check MRTG performance of Off-Net, please link to http://eservice.seed.net.tw for inquiry by login necessary
    account and password. The result will be notified by the completion of notification; for
    On-Net, please link to http://mrtg1.sparqnet.net for inquiry.
  • The Off-Net service is limited by the number of Mac address provided by Chunghua (CHT). Users that apply
    16 IPs should purchase broadband router that has the NAT function.


Hardware Requirement

This service supports IEEE 802.3 Ethernet Interface Standard. As long as the client's computer is equipped with an Ethernet network card, the Internet connection can be activated.
If the number of computers is more than one, a Hub is needed.

Service Privilege

Nation First FTTB (Fiber to the Building) Enterprise FTTx Service
Integrating Chunghwa Telecom's FTTB circuit and the stable fixed IP network service, it's the most value-added and efficient enterprise digital fiber-optic service.
Awarded MIS (Management Information System) Best Choice
Awarded “2004 MIS Best Choice” by the Institute for Information Industry (III) the 1st place of Best Product in the category of VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) Application Service, and the 2nd place of Best Product in the outsourcing category of ISP (Internet Service Provider)/ IDC (International Data Corporation)/ NSP (Neo Solar Power)/ xSP.
24/7 All-Year-Round High-Quality Service
Deploying electrical and network engineering personnel throughout the year to provide clients with 24 hours all-year-round quality operation and maintenance, including the monitoring service to the equipment room environment, equipment and efficacy.
Complete Roundabout Framework Construction
Self-constructed roundabout framework bandwidth construction covers all cities and counties nationwide, the bandwidth of framework panel point has been increased to STM16 (2.5G) by adopting several fixed network providers that backup mutually to ensure non-stop network operation.
Sufficient External Bandwidth for carefree usage
Enterprise digital fiber-optics connect to the US, Japan, Hong Kong and China worldwide, the total bandwidth is 13G. Overseas Ocean Cable Network are backup by dual routing to avoid the problem of ocean cable disconnection, thus to ensure the smooth operation of the enterprise network worldwide.
24/7 (twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, all the time), 365 Days All-Year-Round Customer Service Center
Besides the deployment of all-year-round equipment room and engineer personnel, the service provides 24-hour standby enterprise customer service for consulting and barrier support at any time, thus the enterprise network can be maintained in the highest status of availability.

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