FMC Volte



The VoLTE/VoWiFi, business WIFI presented by the FET, provides you with “Live Voice” enjoyment with Fetnet’s 4.5G internet voice transmission service. The business MVPN mobile groups users are eligible to apply. No need to download any App. You can make phone calls with WIFI directly in both business and vacation trips any place and any time. Business MVPN users can even call each other with the simplified codes. So that you won’t miss any important calls anymore. Nor worry about clicking on the international roaming accidentally resulting in high international call bills.


Ultra-high sound quality re-presenting the original sound
Using FET’s 4.5G WIFI to make voice phone call, background noise will be greatly reduced, giving you stereo-like sound quality.
Call any time. No need to wait
Call connect time greatly reduced. Your calls will be connected in no time as fast as 1 second.
Call at high speed, any place and any time
Calling with FET 4.5 mobile network, it won’t slow down your internet speed.
Calling each other in PNP(private numbering plan). No need to change your habits
No need to download any App. Business users call PNP, calling as usual.
First choice for call saving during international business trips
Call connect time greatly reduced. Your calls will be connected in no time as fast as 1 secondYou just call as usual with VoWiFi as if you are in Taiwan at the current rates of 4G voice and MVPN. Free calls time can also be rebated.

Function Intro

VoLTE Service & VoWiFi Service
  • For FET customers to enjoy the VoLTE sound quality, the caller and receiver should meet the following requirements
    - Use smartphones that support Fetnet’s VoLTE and upgrade the software to the latest version.
    - Activated Fetnet’s VoLTE voice service
    - Switch on the smartphone’s VoLTE function
    - Located at the coverage of Fetnet’s 4G network

  • Suggest users to switch to the Airplane Mode before calling with WIFI. After registering the WIFI network successfully, you can begin to make phone calls. Make sure you are in the WIFI calling mode. During the call, the phone will disconnect it automatically due to poor WIFI signals so that you won’t be switch to 4G mode provide by local roaming service providers, resulting in high phone bills.

  • When using WiFi Calling abroad, callers just dial in ways as if they are in Taiwan. If you want to call local smartphones/city calls, you just dial the number as usual. (For example: 0936888888 / 0277235000) If you want to make international calls, just dial 002/0-07/017 before the phone numbers (at users’ choices)+international phone number.


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