FET AWS is a cloud service that cooperates with global public cloud, AWS (Amazon Web Services). FET is also the AWS-certified Consulting Partner.

FET operation team has long focused on providing clients with equipment room facility services, worldwide and nationwide VPN, information security solution, project planning for enterprise communication and so on. We have also dedicated ourselves to providing enterprises with internal and external integration, including cloud solutions architecting, migration, managed services, billing and consulting services, enterprise application health check service, etc. Furthermore, we are capable of facilitating flexibility of public cloud and ensuring the information security of private cloud simultaneously, so as to enhance the information technology capability of the enterprises.

Service Structure

Consulting Service

Analysis of Current Situation and Future Trend
Capacity Analysis and Service Planning
ROI/TCO Analysis of Cloud Service

Inducing Service

Evaluation of Induction Planning
Hybrid Cloud Deployment
Induction of Software/Hardware Structure Testing

Maintenance Operations Management

Maintenance System Management
Audit Management in accordance with Laws and Regulations
Application Monitoring and Management

Product Management

New Product Planning and Management
Product Technical Support
Billing and Software Licensing Management

Information Security Management

Information Security Management-USOC
Vulnerability Assessment (Port Scanning), Induction of Penetration Testing
nformation Security Health Check and Source Code Inspection Service

Service Benefit

System Aspect

Amazon Web Services offers a wide range of global cloud offerings, including computing, storage, database, analysis, networking, mobile, DevOps tools, management tools, Internet of Things (IoT), security and enterprise applications. There services help organizations operate more quickly and reduce IT cost and expansion. The large enterprises and the most popular startups all trust AWS that offers technical support for a variety of workloads, including Web and mobile applications, game development, data processing, warehousing, storage, file saving, etc. AWS helps you to quickly build up blocks to execute complicated and expandable applications. Executing application on AWS can help you not only accelerate the process in a more secure operation with large cost reduction, but also get benefits from the scalability and effectiveness of cloud computing.

Cost Aspect

In the past, there are some assumptions on the infrastructure of the future city, such as Internet deployment, building IDC (Internet Data Center) room, reliable electric power, storage and stand-by mechanism; however, those assumptions may be non-existent in the future. With AWS, enterprises only need to pay for the service hours depending on actual consumption, which means no more pre-payment or long-term agreement are needed.

Service Features

Hybrid Cloud Structure

Per most of the organizations which invest in traditional IT systems, it is necessary to operate cloud in a hybrid structure in the future. It takes time to transfer traditional IT systems. Thus, it is critical for you to choose a cloud supplier that can assist you to implement a comprehensive hybrid cloud strategy without investing large sums of money in hardware and software deployment. This can simplify operation and more easily reach your commercial goal. Through close collaboration with corporations, AWS has developed the most extensive functions in the market, including storage, networking, security, application deployment, and management tools, allowing you to easily integrate the cloud as a seamless and safe extension for current investment. We have also built strategic partnerships with long-term leaders of the on-site deployment data center (such as VMware, Intel, Microsoft, SAP, and other companies) allowing you to be able to carry out current enterprise applications on AWS with complete support and high efficiency

Disaster Recovery

Corporations can faster carry out disaster restoration of the important IT system by using AWS Cloud without paying the extra installations on the secondary hypostatic website. AWS Cloud supports many popular disaster restoration structures, including the “Indicator” environment which fits some customers data center and the “Hot Standby” environment which can carry out the rapid failover on a large scale. Through data centers all over the world, AWS provides a set of disaster restoration service based on the cloud, and it can quickly restore your IT basic structure and data.

AWS Direct Connect

You can easily build a specialized network connection connecting local facilities and AWS if you have the service of AWS Direct Connect. You can build a private connection by using AWS Direct Connect to interactively connect to the data center, the office, or the web hosting environment with AWS. In most conditions, it can reduce Internet cost, enhance the transport capacity of the bandwidth, and provide a more consistent Internet experience than the normal Internet network. You can build a specialized Internet connection between your Internet and one of AWS Direct Connect locations by using AWS Direct Connect. You can divide this specialized Internet connection into several virtual interfaces by using 802.1q VLAN of industry standards. It can allow you to use the same connection to access public resources (such as the objects stored in Amazon S3 which uses a public IP address space) and private resources (such as Amazon EC2 instance carried out in Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) by using a private IP space). At the same time, you can also keep network segments between public and private environments. You can reconfigure virtual interfaces anytime to satisfy ever-changing needs.

One-stop Window

FET provides the comprehensive integrated "customer-oriented service" by unifying window for clients and emphasizing on “customer first”.

Security Mechanism

DDoS Defense Service

DDoS attacks can compromise application availability or application performance. Preparation and planning are always better than post-damage remedies. In the initial planning of network services, we plan a DDoS resiliency application and a lesson of how to use AWS technologies such as Amazon CloudFront and Amazon Route 53 to reduce distributed attacks of denial of service, and automatically respond to ongoing attacks.

Information security solution

To help you be sure that your AWS environment is built and operates in a safe, highly available, efficient, and affordable manner.

Protect customer content privacy

We can reject any disclosure requirements for non-legal personally identifiable information. When the law allows personal identification information be disclosed; we will consult with the corresponding cloud service customer and accept all the requirements of contractual personal identification information disclosure authorized by the corresponding cloud service customer. If there is any occurrence of infringement of personally identifiable information, the necessary information will be provided to the cloud service customer in accordance with the contract to satisfy the customer's obligation to inform the relevant authorities. (This notification obligation does not include data infringement due to system components such as cloud service customers and personal identification information parties.).

Data backup service

Throughout the platform, you can create schedules of snapshots, AMI image at any time, which provides fast restoration when service has anomalies.

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