Enterprise SMS

Enterprise SMS

Enterprise SMS

FET Enterprise SMS provides “Web-based sending platform” and “API mass sending”. Enterprise clients can relay commercial messages via SMS, allowing them to send internal messages, make external contacts, mobile marketing, and maintain customer relationships. FET Enterprise SMS also provides a online management platform for the enterprise clients, allowing account control, data analysis, and other efficient operations management.


FET Enterprise SMS has the following features:

Can reduce the cost of system installation and human resource maintenance for enterprises.
Provide web-based and API mass sending platforms.
Easier real-time report management.

Suitable for

FET Enterprise SMS is suitable for the following industries and applications:

Marketing integration, event, public relations company, news media, event websites with out routine marketing.
Website design individuals (SOHO), advertisement companies, DM companies.
Mail order companies, finance and insurance companies, shopping centers, supermarkets, schools, day cares, tutoring schools, and government institutions.

FET Enterprise SMS can be integrated with many information applications:

Sales Force Automation
Fleet Management
Freight/Delivery Tracking
Job Dispatching
Investment Risk Management
Security Management
Alert Automation


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