Energy Managment

Energy Management

FET IoT can be applied to the energy management of smart buildings, chain stores,
and regional power grids to help corporate users save electricity costs, and also split the billing of power grids.

Energy Management System

FET provides complete energy management systems equipped with electricity meters and environment sensors to generate power usage analysis and provide recommendations for saving power; it can further integrate electromechanical controls and renewable energy facilities to save electricity automatically, allowing users to quickly grasp energy usage statuses for adjustment and efficient control. Three major benefits of the energy management system:

AI Prediction Optimization:Optimize daily operation, real-time parameter recommendations, and predict equipment statuses.
Generate ISO Compliance Charts:Save report processing manpower, visualized power-saving benefits, and complies with ISO50001.
Dynamic Adjustment of International Standards:Flexible dynamic controls, telecom level management knowledge, and complies with OpenADR 2.0.


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