Enterprise MVPN

Enterprise MVPN

Enterprise MVPN

Enterprise MVPN(Mobile Virtual Private Network) is exclusively designed to provide enterprises with integrated telecommunication solution, which combines exclusive lines, E1 and T1; also, it connects to the Private Automatic Branch Exchange (PABX) that integrates all mobile phones and desktop extensions in an enterprise, which will not only enjoy intranet voice call discount and the cost reduction effect but also reach more efficient internal communications within the enterprise.

Service Advantages

Unique coding function using abbreviated numbers for worldwide access, the office extension number goes to the mobile phone number.
A variety of intelligent transfer functions makes sure you won't miss any incoming calls wherever you are.
Intranet voice calls at super low rates helps cost reduction.
Low cost of setup and installation, and it's not required to pay maintenance fee.
Separating accounts for business and personal use can effectively control the costs in telecommunications.
Exclusive Enterprise Mobile Office Zone provides free intranet voice calls within the designated areas.
Service Advantages

Group Voice call Network for Private users

MVPN can be exclusively used as the “Group Voice call Network” between you and your partners at work or friends and family! Whoever making a requisition of a new FET SIM Card or the application of Mobile Number Portability (MNP) or having the identity as a business corporation employing more than 10 people, it's allowed to concurrently apply for MVPN Service.

Enterprise MVPN Services can be divided into two categories, the Basic Service and the Value-Added Service. Taking the Basic Service as an example, paying monthly rent NT$60 to assign the SIM Card a designate voice call area, which enjoys intranet voice calls at the rate of NT$ 1.8/minute (the original rate is NT$ 4.8/minute) and saves NT$ 3 every minute so as to reduce up to NT$ 180 every hour!

Upon joining MVPN, the phone number of each member can be assigned with a set of simple codes as a more convenient dialing option. The more people join MVPN, the bigger cost reduction effect will be, thus make the user experience smoother and faster with a more money-saving result! In view of big voice call costs, it's suggested to choose the Value-Added Service, which charges monthly rent NT$ 800 and provides free unlimited voice calls without location limitation within the private network. To save money as much as possible in this period of general economic declining, FET Enterprise MVPN is the smartest choice leading Taiwanese business owners to competitiveness.

Group Voice call Network for Private users

Tariff Contents

FET Enterprise MVPN is a value-added service and provides two monthly rental options:

Monthly Rental Services
Basic Service
Value-added service
Monthly Rent Voice Call Discount Application Ratio
NT$ 60 Intranet voice calls NT$ 0.03/second
that equals to NT$ 1.8/minute
(original rate is NT$ 4.8/minute)
50% intranet voice calls
50% off-net and landlines
NT$ 800 All voice calls within the private
network are free of charge.
Intranet voice calls account for
more than 60% of overall voice calls.


Fixed monthly rent, the more voice calls are made, the more costs will be reduced.
Charged by monthly rental fee, with paying the fixed amount every month, the users can enjoy discounts on intranet voice calls, the more voice calls are made, the more cost will be reduced; when the private network becomes larger, partners working together will become more efficient and more money-saving to strive for hard working with the partners in the work place!
Flexible monthly rental options are available in high-rate and low-rates
There are two services, high-rate and low-rate monthly rent available for you to choose from. Depending on the actual amount of voice calls, private network members can choose the most appropriate tariff to suit their needs. (Note 1)
Separate accounts for business and personal use to easier manage telecommunication cost.
FET provides considerate services that meet enterprise demands, separate accounts for business and personal use as well as the printing services for account statements are available. The administrator can set up the call length or cost for both business and personal accounts, thus to effectively control the telecommunication costs.

Reminders:Above mentioned concessions are not applicable to the voice call services including IF Prepaid Card, Feather-Light 99 Plan, FET Freely Talk Plan, Monthly Rental Plan NT$ 99 as well as Arcoa SIM Card. Whoever tends to apply MVPN services, please call customer service hotline in advance to change the tariff contents of voice calls.

Requisition Method

1Please call FET Enterprise Customer Service Hotline at 4499-365. (If calling from a local mobile phone, a prefix “02” is required. )
2FET will send an Enterprise Advisor to understand specific requirement and propose solutions.
3Build up Enterprise MVPN and set up abbreviated numbers.
4Apply for an account for business use (ex. a mobile for factory matters)
5Open the private network to the employees and their family and together enjoy the discounts on voice calls.

Attentions :

FET Enterprise MVPN service only accept the requisitions submitted by the identities of corporations, business units, organizations or legal person. The management of adding or deleting network members will be managed by the authorized person-in-charge designated by the identities mentioned above.
Any members of above mentioned identities would like to join the MVPN should be admitted by the authorized person-in-charge.
MVPN is defined as follows :
1. Each member in the private network should have a FET SIM card.
2. A minimum of 10 SIM cards are needed to establish a private group.
3. Each SIM card is allowed to join only one MVPN.
Applying for MVPN won't be tied up with a service contract. Upon application, a Personal Consent Form needs to be filled out, and the identity of the applicants and SIM cardholder should be the same person.
Exiting MVPN should be processed by the authorized person-in-charge, and all concessions attached to MVPN Service will be cancelled concurrently.
Whoever using Prepaid Sim Card, Feather-Light 99 Plan, FET Freely Talk, Monthly 99 Plan or Quanhong SIM card holders cannot apply for MVPN Service; anyone who would like to join MVPN can call FET Customer Service Hotline for changing tariff contents.

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