Enterprise ADSL

Enterprise ADSL

Enterprise ADSL

FET Big Broadband Enterprise ADSL uses existing landlines to speed up digital data transmission to download speeds of 4 to 8 Mbps (that are equivalent to T1 or higher broadband) and upload speeds of 384 K - 1 Mbps that are much faster than traditional dialup's speed of 56 Kbps to prevent you from encountering jammed networks or having to share bandwidth with other people.

Enterprise ADSL has solved inconveniences of the past, such as not being able to access both internet and telephone services at the same time; it provides people working from home with Internet service to access the company's internal network; in addition to simply sharing high-speed transmission, it provides various types of enterprise applications, such as email, cost reduction by voice over IP, video conferencing, backup circuit, remote data backup, and so on.


Enterprise ADSL is provided into two modes, On-net and Off-net.

On-net ADSL is constructed on 96-core fiber optic cable loops operated by New Century InfoComm Tech Co., Ltd. (NCIC) that are linked all equipment rooms nationwide, so as to structure the information highway with 80 GB bandwidth that provides enterprises with sufficient local and international bandwidth.
Off-net ADSL is provided using the circuits managed by Chunghwa Telecom and other telecommunication companies.

Applicable Objects

High Speed Internet with Extreme Quality
FET Big Broadband Enterprise ADSL- On-net service using fiber-optic cables or in-building wireless broadband can prevent the problems of signal attenuation caused by distance, so that enterprise clients can enjoy high speed and affordable enterprise broadband Internet access service.
Integrated Services, Good Value-added Service
Enterprise ADSL clients can enjoy high speed Internet access; in addition, they can apply for huge email storage as well as value-added integration services including firewall, VPN, video conferencing, video on demand (VOD), and so on.
Free DNS Hosing Service
Clients with a fixed IP can assign a dynamic IP or static IP (3-16 sets). There’s no need to dial up to the Internet by relying on PPPoE; moreover, a breakthrough in the limited setting of DHCP on one computer enables the enterprise to build company official websites, mail servers, FTP servers, or intranet for multiple users using the broadband concurrently.
Customer Service Available 24 Hours a Day
24-hour toll-free customer service allows the enterprises to operate continuously at all times. Additional web page service is provided to monitor internet traffic flow, thus allowing the enterprises to monitor the status of broadband usage and the distribution curve.

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