Messaging Services

Messaging is the most effective way to communicate with individual customers beyond devices, OS(operating system) and platforms.  FET messaging provides simplified, efficient and secure SMS delivery.  In the digital word, your messaging request for promotions, campaigns and programs can be made to/from individuals and platforms at point-to-point basis. 

1. Application-2-Person (A2P) SMS Services

Application-to-Person (A2P) is to send mobile messages through an application to a mobile user. The service provides users with requirements of business, service, mass-communication and targeted audience via web platforms over efficiency and effectiveness.

2. Person-2-Application(P2A) SMS Services

Person-to-Application (P2A) is to send from a person to an application to reply to a received message. The service provides users in needs, for example voting, participating in a survey, or allows an individual to interact with companies and service providers and with text messaging for client-business communications.

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