Audio Conference Web Meeting

Audio Conference Web Meeting

FET Audio Conference Web Meeting allows the participants in Taiwan and around the world to conduct the audio conference by crossing space and time limits. Without purchasing any special equipment, enterprises can use the existing traditional push-button phones, mobile phones, public phones and satellite phones to call either one of the 85 local global dial-in phone numbers at any time, anywhere to access up to 96 virtual conference rooms to conduct audio conferences; also, it's allowed to make calls from the conference room to the local phone numbers distributed in 236 countries and areas to hold audio conferences.

Product Features

FET Audio Conference Service can simplify the expenses of preceding operation for holding cross-nation or cross-district conferences as well as reduce the cost of business trips and save time. In addition to improving the efficiency of meeting, enterprise users can save the cost of International Direct Calls. The advantages of the services have no fixed monthly rent or setup fee. No charges will be incurred without any use of the service.

The charge method is simple, the service fee will be charged only with the use of the service. (Including the platform usage fee and toll-free phone bills, the service charge is based on per minute.)
Without purchasing special equipment, the audio conference service can be accessed through general push-button phones, mobile phones, satellite phones by calling dialing-in numbers.
Anytime and anywhere, it's possible to hold meetings without making prior reservations. The areas available to make calls by general domestic and international phones, mobile phones and satellite phones are allowed to access the service.
There are 85 global local dial-in numbers for connecting the conference rooms, or it's allowed to be dialed from the conference room to 236 countries and areas worldwide to effectively reduce the cost of international phone calls.
Multiple audio conferences can be conducted concurrently, and it's possible for up to 96 locations (people) to join the same audio conference.
Multiple sets of exclusive “audio conference room number” and “the password for the chairperson of audio conference” are provided to enterprise users. The chairperson sends audio conference room number to the attendees. After the chairperson enters the password, the conference will be activated.
The worldwide participants are allowed to enter audio conference service platform by calling local dial-up phone numbers, or the chairperson can make calls to anyplace worldwide through the audio conference service platform.

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