Security Service

Security Service

When you have deployed many information safety and monitoring tools, such as firewall, intrude detect protection system, antivirus system, and more, will your information security management personnel feel safe? Will he or she feel free from the threat of information security? The records produced by information security facilities will have at least a few thousands to tens of thousands and even hundreds of thousands every day. Can you make sure which types should be summed up for statistics and analysis? After the laborious process of analyzing and calculating them, can you make sure which of them are related? Which are independent events? Which of them are emergency ones that need immediate handling? Even if emergency incidents are isolated by information management personnel, can they decide accurately what attack means are they immediately? Do they know how to handle them?

Information security service U-SOC® is operated by G-Expert® team experienced personnel who are equipped with ample knowledge in information security. They conduct safety conditions monitoring and analysis. With the round-the-year monitoring services provided by these professional internet security personnel, they can send alert and help information people in enterprises to conduct suitable risk management procedures and audit management operations when they are under attack.

Service Contents

Provide all-year-round information security monitoring

7 days and 24 hours internet intruding prevention and information security monitoring services
Long-term internet threat analysis and enterprise security environmental trend presentations
Real time report of internet intruding events and suggestions for emergency response

Complete information security monitoring service

Integrated information security protection: Global information alarm information/news and information security portals for users only
Website protection: Website abnormality alarm service, internet security service (detection, monitoring, analysis, reporting, and handling)
Hack prevention (IDS / IPS / APT): Intrude incident/information security (detection, monitoring, analysis, reporting, and handling)
Firewall: Firewall usage health conditions/information security (detection, monitoring, analysis, reporting, and handling)
Anti-Virus: Anti-virus wall and anti-virus and host control virus incident monitoring and reporting
Data leak prevention (DLP / DAM): Databank activities and data leak events monitoring and reporting
Information security alarm service: Real time information on global network status and the latest security information
Monitoring policy adjustment service: When major information security and attack incidents break out, it can help in adjust configuration and protection facilities

Monitoring facilities room which meets the international operation

Passed ISO / IEC 27001:2013 certification
Completed the G-SOC sharing and integration certification conducted by National Information & Communication Security Taskforce, Executive Yuan
Power facilities are designed with [ N+3. Depending on current reserve of fuel, it can provide electricity for 14 days
Complete access control operations: 24-hour full time security. Control access is installed in every elevator.
Independent access control at computer room entrance. Computer room access control of personnel identity and facilities managed by special personnel .
Independent computer room and machine rack lock, and single control door lock

Service Competitiveness

Solve customers‘ problem of insufficient information security personnel
Grasp real time threat conditions
Prompt and professional threat analysis capacities
Clear and complete and additional handling of suggested threat reports
Active help assets managers in threat handling follow-up
Consolidate threat handling to minimize information security risk

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