IDC(Also called Co-Location Service). in short, the company's host computers/servers are managed in FET profession equipment rooms, thus the enterprises can save the cost of self-built network and the management of equipment room. Also, through FET fast and stable broadband framework, it's possible to ensure network service or websites on the host computers can directly connect to the Internet.

Professional Network Engineering Team provides FET Host Computer Co-Location Service year-round, 24 hours a day with monitoring and maintaining enterprises the most important information assets.

Services are listed as below

99.8% telecommunication-level equipment room facility.
24 hours network and facility monitoring center and professional maintenance personnel
Optional selections of fixed or floating bandwidth
Standard 19-inch expandable closed-type frame (60 X 85 X 200 CM)
Closed-type unit frame (60 X 85 X 30 CM)
Each client got one 10 or 100 or 1000 Ethernet RJ45 Port
Each Unit got fixed IP (IPv4 / IPv6)
Each unit is offered 110V or 220V power.
Web - based is provided with real-time MRTG, including daily, weekly, monthly and yearly traffic flow reports.
DNS Co-Location Service is provided.
Co-Location Services for dual phone lines, FTTB, ADSL and the other lines are available.
The Co-Location Service is compatible with exclusive host computer, each value-added service as well as other special requirement and each kind of customized services.

Application Types

For operation providers of Content Web Site or Portal Site, how can they enjoy large bandwidth network for providing users with all-year non-stop, fast and stable Internet connection environment? How can they enjoy high-quality equipment room without spending the cost of equipment room establishment, maintenance, manpower and bandwidth? Solutions for these problems can be acquired from the FET Co-Location Service. FET Co-Location Service is applicable to the objects as listed below :

Online Video and Audio and Game Providers :
Such as Video and Online Game companies.
E-commerce Business Owners :
Such as the business owners of online bidding and shopping websites.
Content Information Suppliers :
Such as e-publish houses, online database and business forum.
Application of Enterprise Information :
Such as corporate website , online customer service centers, supply chain centers and offsite backup centers.
Providers of Internet Connection and Related Services :
Such as Web Hosting and Dial-up Service.

Equipment Requirements

Hardware Requirements :
Clients should self-prepared all hardware hosting system.
Software Requirements :
Clients should self-prepared all required software of applications needed for the system.
Related Suggestions :
Due to each user of Co-Location Service will be given only one Fast Ethernet Switch Port, it's suggested that clients should self-prepare one Switch to connect all clients' hosting systems.

Service Privilege

Enterprise Host can directly connect to the Internet framework center to avoid enterprise-end network from being affected by user-end circuit barrier, thus to reduce the delay risks of enterprise network.
The Professional basic construction of telecommunication level equipment rooms can prevent enterprise from the cost of self-prepared high-specifications real world environments to save great expenses of establish large scale equipment room.
The leading number of International ISP interface quantity can supply sufficient sources of bandwidth and multi-point bandwidth to reduce the disconnection risk of international bandwidth.
24/7, all-year network monitoring and maintenance are provided by the professional management personnel who maintain enterprise operation equipment and network to assist enterprise to focus on core competition.
Integrating all network services to assist enterprise to plan middle and long-term information development in the overall perspectives.
There are 7 equipment rooms nationwide that provide localized service to simplify enterprises' cost on the maintenance of hosting systems.
IDC Equipment Rooms has won standard ISO27001 and ISO20000 certifications.
Many domestic online game providers and e-commerce owners have adopted the service; our management experience and passion of service has been deeply recognized.

Framework Illustration

IDC Equipment Room Location Illustration

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