FET IPLC(International Private Leased Circuit) provides high-speed, stable and highly reliable transmission quality for cross-nation enterprises to establish exclusive International exclusive line circuit. Also, those enterprises with special requirements, through the integration of audio, data, fax and video, the communication can be transmitted fast and accurately to the business bases worldwide. Real-time and reliable communication is the key factor to win in the current global business competition. FET IPLC can satisfy all enterprise requirements by providing reliable options with economic benefits.

To provide extraordinary quality international leased circuit, the company has proactively invested international ocean cable and established a satellite ground reception station. In the early stage, with important foreign capital from Singapore, the implementation of advanced technology and international communication resources can provide the best product guarantee.


World-Class broadband fiber-optic network and advanced technology service : The company has made mutual investment with more than 40 telecommunication companies worldwide and signed the construction and maintenance agreement of Asia Pacific Cable Network 2 (APCN2). The ocean cable network is in total length of 18 thousand kilometers and cross Asia-Pacific areas, where important economic and trading information are transmitted frequently, including Japan, Korean, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, the Philippines, Malaysia and Singapore.
The 2nd Generation Asia-Pacific Ocean Cable Network has a self-healing ring configuration and uses advanced dense wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM) to ensure the quality and reliability of exclusive circuit and accelerate the transmission.
Besides APCN2, the company has invested C2C (City to City) International Ocean Cable in the total length of 17 thousand kilometer with 7.68Tbps bandwidth connecting to major Asian countries and areas. Meanwhile, by being connected with China-US Cable Network and the Japan-US Cable Network, Taiwan is connected to the pulse of the world’s information. Multiple bandwidth options can satisfy the global telecommunication requirements of cross-national enterprises.
FET IPLC Service provides services with high flexibility, including “half-circuit”, “full-circuit”, “point-to-point”; and the high-quality transmission speed ranging from 64K, N x 64K, T1, E1, T3 to STM-1. In addition, the complete external network that is constructed with the ocean cable and satellite can provide highly reliable transmission quality. Besides, when you enjoy exclusive communication, the company can provide most advantageous competitive price rate in the world. According to the network scale of your company and the long or short length of leasing period, you will be provided with concessions with economic benefit.
Seamless Management Service : You can enjoy consistent efficacy, no matter whether the telecommunication is provided by either communication company, you don't need to contact different telecommunication companies for the application of services, report of error detection, as well as maintenance and payment. Please let the company know your requirements, and we can take over all the necessary operations !

Ocean Cable Terminal

Service Privilege

Numerous foreign cooperative partners :
The company has long-term cooperation with global-level telecommunication companies, the international telecommunication resources we have are abundant and flexible.
Stable and excellent quality :
The company has abundant and versatile Submarine Cable available for temporary dispatch; the clients can enjoy international circuit with highest quality.
High ability of custom-made service :
Service of multiple digital products are available, thus to custom-made the most beneficial product package for clients.
Focusing on quality and customer satisfaction :
Professional customer service staff provides year-round free of charge consulting service.
Being adopted by front-line customers, including the industries of finance, manufacturing as well as traditional industries.

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