TPKC Cloud Computing Center

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TPKC Cloud Computing Center

FET TPKC provides powerful cloud servers at your disposal. Enjoy the secure, reliable and cost effective cloud solution with first-class service in which FET is always on support.

Awards & Recognitions


TIBA Platinum Award

TIBA (Taiwan Intelligent Building Association)


Uptime Tier III Certification

Uptime Institute



Diamond-Grade Green Building

EEWH (Taiwan's official sustainable-architecture rating system)

Cloud Computing Center Key Features

High Power Density
Cooling fan wall design directs airflow
Hot aisle compartment closure
Power per rack of 6kVA~12kVA
Reliable M&E Infrastructure
1 Electricity
Power doubly-fed from Taiwan Power Company
UPS 2N system and 15 minutes battery power backup
Power supply 380V/220V, and 110V on request
Two-color power tray with bus way design
2 Generator Sets
N+1 generator sets : 1800kw * 4
Oil tanks : 24 hours, 48000 Liters
Supplier on tractor:6hrs priority on site fueling
2N Exterior independent fueling sets
3Cooling System
N+1 Chillers : 500 Cooling Tons * 2
Ice Water Pool : 7~15 minutes standby ice water for cooling capacity
Water Storage in Raft basement : 2000 Tons, 7 days supply
CRACs : N+2