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About us

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The FET enterprise service team works with you to improve digital

FET is a pioneer in Taiwan's ICT and digital applications. Since its inception in 1997, it has been adhering to the brand spirit of "Closing the Distance" and the vision of "FET Connects and Enriches Life", and continues investing in network construction and advanced technology development such as 5G and NB-IoT, integrating the ICT industry and form an alliance with international telecommunications giants, and providing a full range of IoT services for enterprises and government departments.

Launched the first NB-IoT ecosystem in domain, and led the Internet of Things and smart city development.

Since the end of 2017, FET has cooperated with upstream and downstream software and hardware partners to establish the first "NB-IoT ecosystem" in domain, in addition to being the first NB-IoT service officially launched by domestic telecom operators, to provide competitive service tariffs, diversification industry applications, free trial programs, and national network coverage, etc. In March 2018, we also completed the NB-IoT roaming test with Hong Kong 3HK, and actively cooperated with international partners to expand the business opportunities of overseas IoT cooperation. Currently, more than 300 companies have joined FET’s IoT ecosystem for testing, and nearly 100 companies have become FET’s NB-IoT users. The application fields are multiple ranges such as Connected Car/Smart Transportation, Smart Energy Conservation, Environmental Detection, Smart Healthcare, Smart Factory, and Smart Retail.


At the same time, FET has also actively invested in the construction of smart cities by using IoT technologies, assisting the central as well as local city government to plan and conduct innovative applications for smart technology and people’s convenience. Since 2015, FET has cooperated with the Tainan City Government to build the first 4G comprehensive smart city in Taiwan, and helps Tainan City to be named “the world's Top7 Intelligent Communities of 2018” by the ICF (Intelligent Community Forum). FET aims to continue leading the development of the domestic IoT industry while connecting with the international trends.

Professional team provides integrated cloud service and helps ente

The FET enterprise service team provides a complete one-stop cloud service from “Planning, Implementation, Transfer to Maintenance”, customized to the needs of an enterprise to create a public cloud, private cloud or hybrid cloud architecture, integrating cloud platforms of the leading brands (such as Microsoft Azure/Azure Stack, VMWare and AWS) as well as related software and hardware services. Combining with FET’s telecommunication resources and CSA STAR (Security, Trust & Assurance Registry) awarded IDC data center, FET provides the most secure, reliable, flexible and cost-effective cloud and security solutions, and has successfully assisted Wowprime Corp. and many other well-known enterprises to complete "de-data center, go cloud" in order to establish the highest-performance core system and zero-time difference cloud backup to expand business opportunities rapidly in the era of cloud & IoT.


In order to help Taiwan's SMEs accelerate digital transformation and increase profitability, FET has launched a series of “頭家輕鬆配” selected services in 2016 to assist in the rapid implementation of various cloud and digital tools. FET enterprise service team also provides consultancy planning that meets the needs of different industries such as catering, retail, and manufacturing. Currently, we have completed digital integration consulting for thousands of chain, SMEs and micro-enterprises, and have truly become the driving force for domestic enterprises to move toward digital transformation.

Became the first telecom industry partner of Microsoft's AI R&D Ce

With the continuous effort to drive the transformation and innovation of local industries as well as to devote in AI talent cultivation, FET was selected as the first partner of the telecom industry when Microsoft invested in setting up the "Microsoft AI R&D Center" in Taiwan in early 2018. Further in May, FET was selected as the only member of "MSRA Innovation Partnership" in Taiwan to participate in "Microsoft Research Asia Innovation Forum". Connecting Microsoft's global R&D resource with FET’s IoT applications, big data platform, professional ICT capabilities and rich customization experience, the two leading brands will cooperate closely to create AI applications and solutions together in line with different industrial scenarios and needs to assist local companies to accelerate introduction of AI and to realize the goal of "AI industrialization and industrial AI".


To embrace the upcoming 5G era, in addition to constantly optimizing the network, FET will continue to integrate innovative applications from cloud, IoT, big data to AI and provide customized solutions in order to assist domestic industries and enterprises to transform and upgrade. FET is the best choice of ICT (Information and Communication Technology) integration service partner for enterprises in Taiwan!